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  • Concept27%
  • Solution25%
  • Kibost100%

KiBOST - Portfolio-Current Investment Projects

Invest with KiBOST throughout Europe

KiBOST has exclusive contracts with a number of business partners for unique investment opportunities:

  1. Innovative detection of colorectal cancer (looking for new markets)
  2. New technology for the production of longer-lasting and ecological asphalt (looking for new markets)
  3. Real Estate - Residential project development
    (TIC 300 mEUR Slovakia)
  4. Real Estate - Retail & flats project development in Vienna surrounding
    (PP 27 mEUR Austria)
  5. Real Estate - Shopping Center project development in Vienna
    (PP 60 mEUR Austria)
  6. Real Estate - Castle
    (PP 32 mEUR Italy, South Tyrol )
  7. Real Estate - Hotel project development
    (TIC 300 mEUR Italy)
  8. Real Estate - Plot for sale
    (PP 7 mEUR Croatia, Zagreb)
  9. Healthcare - Retirement homes
    (PP 100 mEUR Austria, Vienna)
  10. Healthcare - Private hospital
    (PP 30 mEUR Austria, Vienna)
  11. Real Estate - Residential property
    (PP 100 mEUR Austria, Vienna city)
  12. Real Estate - Retail and hotel project development
    (PP 60 mEUR Austria, Vienna)
  13. Real Estate - Villa
    (PP 1,6 mEUR Croatia, Dubrovnik)
  14. Ethnic Village- Kremna
    (TIC 10 mEUR, Serbia)
  15. Aquapark- Zlatibor
    (TIC 20 mEUR, Serbia)
  16. Small Hydropower plant MRAMORJE, River Lim, Municipality Priboj
    (TIC 20 mEUR, Serbia)
  17. International light company
    (PP 4 mEUR Europa )
  18. Hotel project development
    (PP 33 mEUR Moskau, Russia)

PP: purchase price

TIC: Total investment cost

Investment Philosophy

We believe that investments in higher quality companies – those with sustainable business models and long track records of steady and superior financial results – offer opportunities to outperform the market over full market cycles. We believe that managing portfolio risk is critical, and that diversification and a disciplined approach to valuation play important roles. We also believe thoughtful asset allocation can further contribute to better risk-adjusted returns over time. By adhering to the tenets of this philosophy, we seek to deliver a compelling performance pattern of participation in rising markets and protection in falling markets.